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Product Name:DP-1
   Widely used for iron switch,usual off temperature is 135±.
   Temperature and styles can according to clients requirement. Technical Specifications
Electric Ratings:AC250V 5A/AC120V 7A(Resistive load)
                 AC250V 10A(Resistive load)
                 AC250V 16A(Resistive load)
Electric Strength:No breakdown and flashover under AC 50Hz 2000V for one minute
inslation Resistance:>000MO(with a DC500V megger)
Contacts Form:S.P.S.T.Division to three types:
     1.Closes in room temperature.Opens at temperature rise.closes at temperature decreasing.
     2.Opens in room temperature.Closes at temperature rise.opens at temperature decreasing.
     3.Closes in room temperature.Opens when the temperature rise.closes at temperature decreasing.The action of close will be finished through manual reset.
Earthing Methods:by the connection of the metal cap of thermostat and the earth-connect metal part of appliance.

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